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Dentistry Today

Dr. Lairy Miller´s Springdale office is buzzing with excitement. The reason? One word: Waterlase.

It´s a new, patented technology combining laser energy and a spray of water to perform a wide variety of dental procedures - removing decay, managing gum disease, whitening smiles, and prepping for cavities. No shots, no drills, no scalpels, no post-op numbness. Thus, a significant reduction in patient anxiety.

A year ago, Dr. Miller attended a seminar to learn more about the laser, which has been around for about five years. "Lasers have the connotation of being hot," he explains. "But water keeps the beam cool, so it doesn´t generate heat - an early concern in regard to working on teeth. Having this type of laser available sets us vastly apart from most offices in the Greater Cincinnati area."

Some of the more unusual treatment options have turned out to be exceptional. One of Dr. Miller´s patients had fractured a tooth, which began cutting into her tongue. "Normally, we´d just smooth off the sharp edge and then send her home to let the tongue sore heal on its own," he recalls. "But this time we turned the laser on a low power setting, aimed at the sore in circular motions, and then started seeing little white dots, just as with skin resurfacing. It´s called a laser Band-Aid, and the pain just goes away!"

In another case, a 9-year-old girl had repeated, same-site cold sores that kept growing larger. A single laser treatment made the newest outbreak disappear permanently, a fairly common outcome. "This technology has enormously broadened my horizons. I can do things now that years ago I never could have imagined," Dr. Miller says.

His general practice has indeed been something of an odyssey. His own childhood experiences as a patient - back during the darker ages of dentistry - weren´t positive. So he´s now on a crusade: to promote great dental experiences by showing today´s patients that treatments can and should be delivered with minimal discomfort. "As opposed," he interjects, "to barreling in with disregard for their well-being and then having them think that it hurts because it has to."

No, it doesn´t. Not when the office provides a spa-like environment, with aromatherapy, a coffee and snack bar, warm blankets, CDs and DVDs, and a special, tender touch with children - all coupled with astonishing, innovative technology in competent, caring hands.