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Creating smiles that last a lifetime.

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Born and raised in Cincinnati, Dr. Miller lived in Colerain Township and moved to West Chester in 2003. He attended Colerain High School and the University of Cincinnati.

After graduation from the Ohio State University College of Dentistry in 1988, Dr. Miller worked in an assortment of dental practices, allowing him to treat a number of different clinical dental problems. For you, the patient, that means Dr. Miller is experienced in handling just about any complications, from cavities to missing teeth, gaps, stains, chips, or uneven, crooked teeth. Whatever your condition, Dr. Miller can restore, then dramatically improve, your oral health.


In January 1992, Dr. Miller launched his solo practice in Springdale. He started with one dental chair and eventually expanded his practice to include three chairs.

Now Dr. Miller is in this modern, six-chair, state-of-the-art dental office, providing family and cosmetic and laser dentistry to children, teens, adults, and seniors. Today we are very proud that Dr.Miller has received his Associate Fellowship with the World Clinical Laser Institute and is working toward his master level.

To ensure Dr. Miller stays up-to-date with the latest advancements in his profession, he attains more than 40 hours of continuing education annually. He is a member of the American Dental Association, the Ohio Dental Association, the Cincinnati Dental Society, the Keely Dental Society, and the Greater Cincinnati Dental Study Club. He also participates in many online courses and office seminars each year. It's not good enough to just be a dentist who graduates from dental school because the profession changes so rapidly. Dr. Miller believes that to best serve his patients, he is obligated to continually take courses so that his education is as fresh as the recent dental school graduate – but better, because he's experienced. Over the past several years he has completed over 500 hours of post graduate training.

Dr. Miller is involved with spiritual leadership at his church, and sings and plays guitar on a regular basis. His hobbies are family activities, music, sports, bike riding, swimming and walking. He enjoys softball and loves a good wiffle ball game in the backyard! He enjoys community involvement and volunteering support and dental help with many different events through dental organizations and local school programs.

Dr. Miller married Debra in 1988. They recently celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary. Debra worked as a tax accountant and auditor after graduating from Miami University. Dr. Miller and Debra started their family in 1992, the same year as he went into solo practice. They have two daughters, Megan and Emily. Debra joined the practice in 1996 and you will also see the girls working in small capacities to help their Dad. You may meet them at all after hour emergency visits as they help assist. Ask Dr. Miller about his family and you will be sure to raise a smile. He is very proud of his girls. Megan will graduate from Miami University in May 2014 with degrees in Zoology, Gerontology, and Spanish. She is actively pursuing a medical school track where she can specialize in Geriatric medical care. A genuine servant heart like her parents she is a devoted student, daughter, and employee. Emily will be graduating high school in May 2014 and plans on majoring in Music Performance and Political Science. Her aspirations are toward law school with a Vocal Performance/Entertainment aspiration. She is quite the gifted singer, pianist and guitarist following dad's talents although professionally trained in classical and commercial music. Watch for her first hit single- I am sure Dad will tell you about it. Mom “situates all of the family” including the Golden Doodle Dog! He will tell you she holds it all together.